Industrial Computing
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Packaged Industrial PC (PIP) Specialties
  • Low Power SBC designs with different processors
  • Fanless solutions
  • Noiseless
  • Extended temperature -40°C to +75°C
  • Long-term availability guarantee
  • Easily expandable with PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI, and PMC modules
  • Robust flexible aluminum housings
This group contains several members that differ by the processor as below:
Panel-PIP Specialties
  • 6", 12", 15", 17", and 19" solutions
  • Space saving, integrated, All-in-One solution
  • Silent, fanless design
  • Up to IP65 / NEMA 4 protected versions (all around)
  • Full stainless steel or aluminum housing
  • Functions as desktop or wall mount system
  • Choice of wide range of CPU boards (Celeron M to Pentium M 1.8GHz)
  • With an integrated hard disk or solid state flash drive
  • Touch option for all versions
Panel-PIP Data Matrix
MPL Industrial PCs (MIP) Specialties
  • Low Power designs - modules starting at 2 Watts
  • PC/104 Form factor and universal modules
  • Various architectures (Power PC, x86, ARM)
  • Fanless solutions
  • Extended temperature range available
  • Complete, flexible CPU board solutions
  • Long-term availability guarantee
MIP Data Matrix
PC/104 Peripherals Specialties
  • PC/104 and PC/104-Plus extensions
  • Easy to integrate
  • Robust, industrial peripherals
  • Extended temperature available
  • System Resource friendly
  • Several assembly versions for best fit
  • Remote Man-Machine Interface Solutions (REMMI)
  • IDE based storage solutions
  • For PIPs, MIPs, IPMs and third party products
  • Tested reliability
  • Installed and wired (PIP) if requested so
PC/104-Plus modulesPC/104 modules
Custom Specific and OEM Solutions All MPL products are available individually as OEM product or systems. A broad range of references underlines the trust and capability into the products. No matter whether these are Industrial Terminals, MMI, SBC or completely tested systems according your needs and specification.
PC-Card Readers/Writers (MCDISK) Specialties
  • SCSI PC-Card Drives (Single and dual slot solutions), MCDISK
  • RS232 PC Card Drives, MCRW
  • Desktop and 3.5" open frame versions
  • Available in extended temperature (-25°C - +85°C)
  • The products are made for industrial use in rugged environment
  • Used in digital photography, aviation, industry,
Applications MPL Products at Customers can be found in a wide variety of applications. Everything from wireless communication in the space shuttle to data entry systems in operating rooms. Below is a selection of applications, currently in use worldwide.

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