Our division

  1. Power Products
    Mtm Power.
    Sinpro Power Supplies.
    Analytic Systems.
  2. Industrial Computers &Peripherals 
    MPL Swiss.
  1. Electromechanics
    Essentra hardware for electronics, plastic & metal
    Rbs Pic Design, Mechanical Components Spur Gears, Bearings,Slides.
    Airpot Corp Pneumatic Actuators.
    Promptus, Handles and Electronic hardware. 
    Apple Rubber “O” RINGS.
    Artus Shims & Gaskets
    Brailsford AIR PUMPS.
    Deltron Linear Motion Slides.
    Phytron Motors GMBH, step Motors.
    Kooltronics Fans & Air Conditions.
    Mil-Spec Wire & Cable Co. http://www.milspecwire.com
  2. Leico Industrial precious metals and Omega. Regal-Marhaton, Terminal & Power Blocks.
  3. Microwave & RF
    Atlantic UK.
    SHF Communication Technologies AG.
    Umcc Microwave Components.
  1. Passive
    Novotechnik Position Sensors.
    Contelec Potentiometers.
    Project Unlimited.