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MPL AG Newsletter November 2022

Swiss Made 10Gbit LAN expansion UNIXET for PIP4x (Intel 9th Gen) and MXCS (Xeon Server)

Valued reader,

The UNIXET is MPL’s dual 10GbE interface expansion.

The expansion is designed to be used in combination

with the PIP4x and the MXCS platforms.

Both Ethernet interfaces support all Ethernet speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb on the integrated RJ45 Connectors. On the PCB are populated a total of 4 dual color LED’s to show Link and Activity information’s of the Ethernet interfaces.

Additionally, the UNIXET has two µSERLED (multicolor LED panel PCB) connectors for Pass-through of the µSERLED I2C Signals and injection of the Link and Activity signals into the µSERLED. The UNIXET also features a second PCIe104 Connector on the top layer to Pass-through the unused 8 Lanes of the PEG Port as well as the additional 4 single lane PCIe Ports and the Power Rails of the PCIe104 connector.

UNIXET Highlights
• Support all Ethernet speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb
• Ethernet Interfaces on RJ45 Connectors
• 4 dual color LED’s for link/act information
• µSERLED Pass-through
• Link/act information injection into µSERLED
• PCIe104 Pass-through
• Operating temperature up to -40°C to +85°C
• Over temperature shutdown to protect the Ethernet controllers against destructive heat
• Powered from the PCIe104 connector

These features make the UNIXET Family ideally suited for any rugged industrial or defense network applications. Due to the low power consumption, robust and flexible design, the products are well suited for embedded systems even in extended temperature environments.

For more information about the UNIXET, please visit or contact MPL AG directly.

Kind regards,
Your MPL team



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