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New product range available now!







Our two new series of robust,

multi-point connectors for use in power charging systems up to 100 amps.

For use in applications such as:

  • Electric vehicle charging

  • Mobile power supplies

  • Heavy machine interconnect systems

  • Solar energy systems

  • Aeronautical

  • Test systems

'Avoid the costly development of a bespoke connector interface by integrating Power-Dock into your System’
For full specifications and pricing click here


We will be demonstrating Power Dock, along with many of our other products, at the Engineering Design Show in Coventry. Click the banner below to register for free.


Also, don't forget our huge ranges of spring contact test probes.

ATE Test Probes - For contacting loaded PCBs in automatic test equipment (ATE) with vacuum, pneumatic or mechanically operated fixtures.
General Purpose Test Probes - For making contact with printed circuit boards (PCBs) or electrical components, in order to test functionality and to measure the value of the components
High Current Test Probes - Current flows of up to 35 amps for load and functional testing of power components such as semi-conductors, solenoids, loaded PCBs, bus-bars, wound components and batteries
Kelvin Test Pins - Twin-terminal socket pins providing a two point contact onto a single lead, pin or terminal. This method allows a high quality and effective 4-pole/kelvin connection, and with suitable equipment attached, will enable the taking of accurate resistance & impedance measurements
High Frequency Test Probes - Probes with a broad bandwidth for making high frequency tests of RF connectors and PCBs
Bench-Top Test Jigs - Robust, easily customised, standalone kits for testing a variety of PCBs

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